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Are The Girls of Woodlands Addicted to Caffeine?

Caffeine holds a strong grip over the modern world; its influence can be seen in familiar phrases like “America runs on Dunkin’,” the presence of Starbucks across the globe, and the popularity of iced coffee beverages. 

If you scan the halls of Woodlands or peep into any advisory room on Monday mornings, the chances that you’ll spot a student clutching a Starbucks cup are high. But the presence of caffeine extends far beyond coffee; it comes in an array of beverages, including energy drinks like Celsius, Red Bull, and Prime, as well as popular sodas like Coca-Cola.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the average American consumes 200mg of caffeine daily, with 100mg deemed sufficient for a “boost.” The New York Times reports that in the energy drink market, companies are also now trying to entice health-conscious consumers with sugar-free, low-calorie options promising both energy boosts and hydration. The health implications of caffeine are now even more of question because of the increasing accessibility to younger demographics. 

Given the demanding schedules embraced by Woodlands’ students, it’s hardly surprising if a certain reliance on caffeine has taken root. This article aims to uncover the reality of the caffeine conundrum at Woodlands. A typical week at Woodlands contains a seven-hour school day from 8 AM to 3 PM, followed by two-hour sports practice or extracurricular engagements. Evenings are often swallowed by two to four hours of homework. The question remains: how do these students muster the energy for such packed days? 

A survey was sent to the entire student body of Woodlands Academy, seeking insights into their caffeinated habits. Basic demographic information was followed by probing questions: 

  • How frequently do you consume caffeinated beverages? (Consider all sources, including soda.) 
  • Would you describe yourself as somewhat or fully enamored with coffee? 
  • Do you rely on caffeine to navigate a school day? 

Responses revealed that the 79 students who participated in the survey, with freshmen constituting 21%, sophomores 23%, juniors 32%, and seniors 24%.

Regarding the frequency of caffeinated beverage consumption, 31.6% reported drinking caffeinated drinks two or fewer times per week. 26.6% indulged three to five times weekly. 17.7% partook once daily, while 8.9% indulged twice daily. The remainder opted for “other,” with a consensus that many students disregarded caffeinated drinks altogether. 

As for the third question, 70.9% answered “No,” while 21.5% admitted to “Yes.” 73% of the girls selected “No,” while 20.3% selected “Yes.” For this question in particular, the rest of the student body selected “Other.” They stated a consensus in which they agreed caffeine was needed if they felt like the right amount was reached, if there was some extra studying that needed to be done, or if they didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

 In conclusion, the data suggests that Woodlands students are not crazy about caffeine, nor do they rely heavily on caffeinated beverages to endure their rigorous academic routines.


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