What Is Vespers?


Isabel Rettino, Managing Editor

On November 5th, the Woodlands community celebrated its first Vespers prayer service. This celebration has been around for years, being celebrated in Catholic churches around the world. Before the event, I sat down with Mr. Borower, our choral instructor at Woodlands, to help us understand this strong tradition and why we are taking part in it this year.

I asked Mr. Borower simply what Vespers is. He described it as “a night of rest and a prayer service meant to reflect on the day just passed.” A traditional Vespers ceremony includes song and scripture into a night full of preparation for not only a night’s rest but the day that will follow. 

Mr. Borrower said he chose Woodlands to partake in vespers because he wanted to unite all the arts and come together for an entirely reflective, fun, and exciting performance! 

Mr. Borower shared that Woodlands’ goal for Vespers is to push for music and scripture and show all of the arts at Woodlands. The night of Vespers included performances by Kaleidoscope, Microscope, Sophie Singers, Poets and Playwrights, Campus Ministry, Instruments from faculty and staff, art, and more! 

I hope Vespers lived up to these expectations! Please support the Woodlands choirs and arts during the school year!