Photo Story: Karwachauth Tradition

Karishma Bhatara, Feature editor

Women pray for the long lives of their husbands through sacred Hindu rituals and Fasting both in person and via video call.
Families pray as a way to bring good luck and blessings into the home
North Indians primarily pray to Maa Durga (image above) and pray to her on many occasions including karwachauth
Homemade tea made for the woman to drink midday during their fast
Woman drink tea with their families after praying continuing their fast
Young girls and women do henna days before and on the day of the festival
Special trays are decorated with water, diyas (candles), and food to pray with and break their fast
Woman look at the moon then their husbands while praying in order to break their fast
The husbands then give their wives water for them to break their fasts
Woman of all ages fast for their husband’s long lives