Photo Story: The Art Trip


People were waiting outside for the museum to be opened. Mr. Goh showed us our ID pictures; we were all exciting.

Bin Chen, Photographer

The AP Art group was taking the purple line to Chicago. The weather was nice and only a few people were on that train.
Back Figure of three siblings enjoy the painting
The group spread out after everybody entered the museum. While I walked around, I saw three siblings standing in front of this painting for a long time.
Old Lady who enjoyed the art work
This old lady came to the AIC with her family, and she stayed for this painting after her daughter walked away.
Two travelers discuss the art piece
Came to the exhibition of middle-age Europe, I saw these two partners who were looking closely at the drawing and seemed to have some disagreements.
A Girl who captured my camera while I was trying to capture her action
When the time came to the end of our trip to AIC, I was standing on the stairs on the second floor and trying to find something interesting using my camera. This lady saw my camera lens and our life had a 2-second intersection.
The journey from AIC to the train station seemed pretty long
The weather changed in the afternoon. The group had to walk in the rain for 30 minutes.
Walking downstairs and ready to go back.
Mr. Goh’s wet hair and his train ticket