Photo Story: A Pittsburgh Cookie Table


A cookie table with various kinds of cookies, like lady locks, cannolis, sugar cookies, and so much more, for my cousin’s extremely late graduation party.

Charlotte Sparks, Coeditor

The McKay-Pelegrino cookbook that holds all of the most crucial, delicious recipes in my family. The three women on the front cover of the cookbook are my great-grandma McKay, great-grandma Pelegrino, and my grandma (ma).


Rolls of tin foil in a bucket to form the lady locks canister-like shape.


The necessary tools to make lady locks: strips of puff pastry, a rolling pin, powder sugar container, and a knife.


My great grandmother (Grandma Pelegrino) rolling the lady locks on a roll of tin foil and putting it on parchment paper to put in the oven.
The rolled puff pastry on the tin foil is displayed in the oven and is starting to puff up.
The homemade geode cookie wrapped up on a cookie table with a geode cake and homemade vanilla extract for Lauren, my cousin’s wedding shower.