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Advice column

How do I quit vaping?

There are two potential solutions to curb nicotine cravings. Firstly, chewing gum provides a distraction and discreet outlet for the physical craving. It’s an affordable and readily available alternative. Secondly, buying a nicotine-free vape allows you to simulate the action of vaping without actually vaping, helping you break the addiction to nicotine. These two solutions help gradually reduce the dependence on nicotine. Also, this part might be harder but think about who you surround yourself with. Maybe your group of friends are also vaping frequently. Being around them when you are trying to quit will probably won’t help. Still hang out with them of course, but maybe not as much.

How do I stay awake in class?

There are four possible solutions here. The first is to drink ice cold water. Hopefully it will shock you awake. The second is to fix your posture. If youre slumped over in your chair, you are more comfortable and therefore more likely to fall asleep. Sit up super straight, which will hopefully make it more uncomfortable to become sleepy. The last two involve leaving the classroom. Getting up to take a quick lap around the school should get your blood moving, and then make a pit stop to the bathroom to splash water on your face. Hopefully all of these combined should help keep you awake!

How do I not fall behind with homework?

If you find yourself falling behind, carve out a specific block of time solely dedicated to catching up. Break down the workload into manageable segments, and after completing each task, reward yourself with a piece of candy or a short break on your phone, something like that. Once you’re back on track, adopt a proactive approach by tackling future assignments promptly, ideally on the day you receive them. Consistency is key here. It’s crucial to establish a routine and stick to it, as even letting a single assignment slip can set off a chain reaction, making it increasingly challenging to keep up with the workload. Establishing a proactive and disciplined approach can significantly contribute to staying on top of academic responsibilities.


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